Fall Looks-Cables!

I love cabling. As a child, we spent our summers with our grandmother, whose mother arrived here from Ireland as a young newlywed, and she was a wonderful knitter and crocheter. When I napped, I snuggled with an enormous crocheted blanket in the colors of the Irish tricolore, green, orange and white.

Every holiday was an occasion to receive a new cassette tape of traditional Irish music, or even better, a beautiful cabled sweater. The comedy of this, of course, is that I was a biracial kid growing up in Manhattan. So I was the only black kid on 20th Street, or any street for that matter, wrapped in a tattered Irish flag and singing "The Rose of Tralee".

Anyway, I guess you could say cabling is in my blood. I love the richness and textural quality of it, and the technique is open to all sorts of modern interpretations. Below are some peeks at how cabling appears in our Fall collection. Enjoy!

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