The word "Shopatron" evokes images of armies of retail robots, programmed to do our bidding...Oddly, it kind of is a robot designed for just that very thing. Classic Elite Yarns is a direct-to-retailer company, selling wholesale to the lovely brick-and-mortar and online stores you know and love. However, what if you see something on our website that you really like? Or that you haven't seen at your LYS?

When you click on a product on our website, you will see a "Buy Now" button on the left side. That button is powered by the aforementioned Shopatron.

Your order is sent along to them, where a sophisticated algorithm designates the closest retailer with your product in stock, and that retailer fills your order! You can either have it mailed to you or even pick it up in person.

For consumers, Shopatron is a great way to connect the experience of browsing through Classic Elite's full line of yarns and patterns on our website and receiving our actual products by mail at home. It also means you're receiving orders from an LYS near you, so you're supporting the stores that are the lifeblood of our industry. For us, it gives us a direct way to support our retailers by filling orders through actual brick-and-mortar stores and to connect directly to our consumers through our website. For retailers, you can benefit from the promotion we give our products through in addition to what you are already doing on your own website; and it's completely free to sign up! It's a win-win. You can find more information on Shopatron through the Classic Elite section of the Shopatron website.

Happy shopping!

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