Webs! Part 2

Ok. Where were we? Oh yeah, The Magic Sweater... Here she is--Elizabeth, the side-to-side cardigan!

And the best part is? She looked good on everybody...

The women above are all different heights, weights, and body shapes, and the sweater looked dynamite on all of them. I even tried it on myself (and I wish I had a picture, but alas, thus is the onus of the photographer.) Here's the thing, I'm almost 6 feet tall and a size 12, this sample is the smallest size published in the pattern!

We couldn't quite figure it out, but I think its the 1x1 rib that comprises much of the sweater, it looks like stockinette, but has incredible stretch, thus making its wearer look thinner. The stripes also contribute to the lengthening effect. The back is constructed side to side, and there is a gathering right at the lower back, taking in the fabric and giving it a tailored look. I love this sweater! It was designed by Cecily Glowik MacDonald (you rock!) and knit in the star of the show, Liberty Wool Print. I'm casting this on in a solid as soon as I get the yarn, and will be sure to post some pics!

This scarf is also Liberty Print, done in mitered squares in just one color of the Liberty Print! This one got ALOT of oohs and aahs...It was designed by our very own Andi Clark, you might remember her beautiful napkin edging for the staff Allegoro project?

The crowd was very engaged, asking questions and fondling all the garments, getting a sense of the feel of our yarns.

That last young lady is feeling Jared Flood's Cinder in Ariosa. The green hooded sweater is Connie Chang Chinchio's Alley Cat also in Ariosa, and the red sweater is Cecily's Dayspring. The lovely and gracious model is Cara of WEBS. Some people just wanted to try it all on--why not all at once? Who is this mystery woman? It's Melissa LaBarre!

Check out the crowd. Who is that blonde? Why, it's the woman who taught me how to knit! Thanks, Amy!

We also had giveaways! WEBS is so generous and always gives something away at their events. This time there were gift certificates! And Betsy brought along a kit to make our beautiful vest, Forest, in Woodland, including the pattern book and all the necessary yarn. You can see the vest on the left below. Congratulations, Miss Martha!

Altogether, an amazing time was had by all! There were refreshments, modeling, giggling, picture-taking, girl talk, and inspiration for all. I wish you could have all been there. The garments are traveling out to trunk shows all over the US, perhaps to a LYS near you?

I have tons of pictures! Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see a slideshow...Thanks for reading!


  1. Started the Molly scarf and the colors are yummy. The short rows are fun to work. It will be my fall fashion statement this year. :-)

  2. A friend and I watched the "Molly scarf' progress at our local knitting shop. Each time we went in it was on the table and 'grew' from the time that we were in before. We asked to be put on a list when the pattern and yarn came in. We picked ours up on Friday (we are constantly egging the other on to 'buy more yarn') and I have worked several inches of it. The Liberty colors are absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. Where can we purchase the pattern for "The magic sweater"?

  4. Thank you everyone for sharing your awesome comments! You can find the pattern for the Elizabeth cardigan in Booklet #9114 from the Fall 2010 collection, shown here http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/pattern_detail.php?patternID=107.

  5. Love the Elizabeth sweater. How do we get the pattern? Great job.

  6. Could someone tell me what kind of needles are used for the Magic sweater?

  7. Seventh picture down there is a jumper in the background with a cowl/roll down neck, where can I get the pattern for that please/


  8. The Elizabeth cardigan calls for a 29" US 7 circular needle. The gray cabled cowl neck sweater is called Whirlpool. Its knit in Moorland and you can find the pattern here http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/pattern_detail.php?patternID=119. Thanks!

  9. Hi,

    Beautiful garments, especially the Elizabeth cardigan. It really does look like a magic fit and it's gone on my must-knit list.

    In the last photo, there's a lovely patterned vest on the right. Could you let me know the pattern for that, please?

    Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!

  10. Hi again,

    By the way, I just saw the pattern on the site. Its' funny -- I wouldn't have looked twice at it in the "official" photo. Your images showing it on different people really brought it to life.

    Would love to see more photos, too!