Embracing My Outer Conservative

I'm a conservative gal. And I don't mean politically, I mean fashionably. My mother is a children's wear designer. Last time I visited her in Manhattan, she invited my boyfriend and me to a hip restaurant in Soho and, on calling her as we approached, leapt from the doorway of the restaurant in a pair of shearling-topped Eskimo boots and a short, like, floofy, patterned dress, glittering bangle-laden arms waving overhead. I'm pretty sure Andy was wearing a canvas Carhartt jacket and I was in black Converse and a white T-shirt.

She thinks I'm in a permanent gray and beige fashion purgatory and once bought me a hooded sweater ornamented with what seemed like a hundred tiny mirrors.
"Wow, it has...mirrors....all over it."
"Well, you know honey, I'm sure its you, just give it a chance. For such a young girl, you're in a real fashion rut."

Anyway, my conservatism affects my knitting in the following ways:
1. I love stockinette and garter stitch.
2. I love to knit cables, but I can't tell you the last time I wore them.
3. Colorwork gives me agita. It has nothing to do with the technique, but when it comes to picking colors, the room spins.
4. I've only ever used variegated yarn for socks. I tried a hat once, but got too nervous and frogged it.

That being said, let's examine the Elizabeth cardigan. I tried it on at WEBS and could have been toppled with a feather I loved it so much. The stockinette! The side-to-side construction! Oh, the 1x1 rib! I swooned. But the striping was too much for my delicate constitution. In the car on the way back, I said, "Man, I love that cardigan! But is it weird I want to make it in a solid?" To my endless gratitude, Betsy responded, "I really want to make it in black for everyday wear, actually!" And thusly, two solid colored Elizabeth cardigans were born--Betsy's in black, and mine in a lovely gold hue.

Knitting Elizabeth in a solid takes it out of "statement" realm and straight into "regular day". The slip-stitch pattern at the lower back has a tailoring effect which makes it look a bit more formal, but the open front and squishy wide ribbed collar makes it the perfect jeans and a t-shirt sweater. For any who were skeptical of striping yarns, take a second look at Elizabeth in color #7846, deep teal. You can find the color card on our website.

Who knows, when I'm done maybe I'll put on some bracelets for you, Mom.


  1. Hey Chelsea- I beg to differ with you. First of all they were not shearling boots,they were gladiator sandals. Secondly, you DO have a fashion sense and a creative free spirit or you would not be writing this wonderful blog that captures your love of yarn so completely.
    Very proud of you and I wish you had given the mirrored sweater a chance to grow on you. xoxo

  2. Wow, I can't believe that is the same sweater. I have that pattern book and thought about making that sweater, but did not think it would look good on me (I am a petite plus person) and it just looked too skinny on the model (or the model looked too skinny), either way. I would definitely make the sweater after seeing how it looks on you. Thanks so much for adding this to your blog.