The Magic of La Gran

This is not our first post about La Gran here on the blog, but we thought, with all the swatching and planning around the Magic of Mohair, that we could revisit our flagship yarn...Here's what Clara Parkes had to say about mohair in her excellent Knitter's Book of Yarn:

Mohair has all the wonderful qualities of wool: It is flame-retardant, soil-resistant, and can absorb moisture without feeling damp or cold. It is also warmer and stronger than wool, with larger, flatter scales that contribute to an overall silky-smooth appearance. The fiber absorbs dye readily and, thanks to the smooth surface, reflects it back brilliantly.

With that endorsement, who wouldn't want to knit with mohair? Also, the best thing about knitting with mohair in general, and La Gran in particular, is that it works up quickly and is very forgiving to uneven tension. The haze camouflages uneven stitches beautifully.

La Gran is an aran weight yarn composed of 76% Mohair, 17% Wool, and 6% Nylon. The recommended needle size is a US 9. The strands of yarn feel significantly thicker than Giselle, so its designation as an Aran weight yarn tells us that its meant to be knit at a denser gauge than Giselle...and rightly so! A look through the Patternfish archives and Ravelry show La Gran knit in intarsia and fairisle, cables, and elegant stockinette. Mohair before its brushed has a loopy quality; though La Gran is brushed, there's a sort of fluffy crimpiness in the yarn that reminds me a little of bouclĂ©. 

Mohair, in the appropriate weight, can actually be used  for almost any technique or stitch – the one thing to keep in mind is that bulky mohair is inelastic and will grow and stretch over time. For this reason,  use a smaller needle (maybe even 2 sizes smaller) for mohair ribbed edges even though in wool, one would usually use the same size needle for ribbed edges. Also, because mohair is so light and lofty it’s great for bulky knits and is extremely warm too. Hey, you can even bead it. Go nuts! This is Vogue Knitting after all...

You'll find La Gran inspiration in the Saturday Afternoon, Winter Whimsy, Winter, First Edition, Luxe, Curvy Knits, vol. 2 and Depot booklets. Happy swatching!

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