Pink Part II--Let's Hear it for the Boys!

We got some feedback last week about male breast cancer awareness, and this week are devoting our attention to the men who suffer and have suffered from this disease. According to the National Cancer Institute, 1,970 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and 390 others will lose their lives to it.

Our focus in October, like so many other organizations from Dannon Yogurt to the National Football League, is on women and breast cancer, partly because it is personal for us.

Though our scarves are pink, we encourage supporters to knit them in a rainbow of colors. Here are two scarves that are adaptable to male or female wearers—and when you knit one with your favorite guy in mind, remember the male breast cancer victims who have endured in the shadow of their female counterparts.

First, a bias garter stitch scarf from Judy knit in Alpaca Sox, a fingering weight yarn available in a wide spectrum of beautiful solid, kettle-dyed and hand-dyed colors.

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I have two inspirations for my Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf. My sister, younger by exactly one year, has survived breast cancer for 6 years and, so far, is cancer free. Also, my late husband’s mother survived breast cancer for over 50 years with no recurrence. Two very remarkable women. These are two of the good stories.

My scarf is very versatile and can be knit in a many of the other Alpaca Sox colors that would be good to remember the men who have been touched by the horrible disease. It can also be knit in other yarns that come in colors that represent other Cancer groups. Just follow the same instructions changing needles size to accommodate the yarn.

My thoughts and prayers go out for all who have been touched by ANY kind of Cancer.

Next, this 3x3 ribbed scarf is cozy and warm in La Gran, and easily adaptable in over 45 colors!

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Pattie designed it, and says, " I have been working here at least 100 years and of all the yarns that come and go, La Gran is my favorite!"

Please support research, and those working towards a cure, for all forms of cancer if you can. We are confident that any donation you make to these causes, no matter how small or large, will be greatly appreciated. For more information about the CEY Pink Scarf Project and to see other patterns in the collection, visit our Web-Letter.


  1. "Our focus (...) is on women and breast cancer, partly because it is personal for us."

    It is not impersonal for the male sufferers.

  2. Thank you! These are great! Couldn't get the first one to download, though...

  3. Thanks, yarnfest! The first link should be working fine now. Sorry about that!

  4. Thank you Judy... I had goose bumps reading this... It really means allot to me that you mentioned me...
    Love you,
    Your sister... Sandi