It's a color that symbolizes...what? When we knit sweaters and hats and blankets for expected little girls, this is the color that we most often reach for. For us it signifies femininity and dainty, girly things--cotton candy and Easter eggs and delicate spring flowers.

This month, however, pink is strong, pink is persevering, and pink is sometimes a matter of life and death. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and it's a topic we take personally here at Classic Elite. Your Web Letter this week is a tribute to our survivors, and the patterns we designed are salutes to their strength of will and soundness of body. This month we'll be bringing you a celebration of all that is girly with our Pink Scarf Project--four weeks of free scarf patterns in recognition of those who walk among us and those that have gone before.

To lead us off, we have Betsy in her beautiful Waterlily cowl sharing her story and her design. Happy knitting!

"I have a confession to make – when I set out to do a “pink scarf,” I was feeling a knitting crunch. I just wasn’t sure I had time for a whole scarf! And I do really like something small and close to my neck in the colder months. So I cheated a little bit and did a neck warmer/cowl. It’s knit in the round, in wonderful, squishy, merino Waterlily. A quick geometric stitch pattern, repeated just twice, and voila! A great add-on to slip over my winter wardrobe. And it’s a nice little pop of color too. Enjoy!"

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful BC scarfs. However, I'd like to suggest some manly scarfs in burgundy or wine. Men also get breast cancer and it's often not diagnosed until it's nearly too late. Pink puts men off but maybe a richer dark shade in the color family will get men to remember to check themselves and talk with their doctors.

    I'm a breast cancer survivor as is my mother. Unfortunately, my uncle died of his breast cancer. So, while women need to be vigilant so do men -- Classic Elite could make an effort for our sons, husbands, brothers, uncles, and grandfathers.

  2. Pink & Blue signifies male breast cancer. It would be an interesting challenge to design something more masculine to honor those who have fought this particular battle!

  3. Thank you for your comments, and thank you for pointing out the need to honor men who suffer from this disease. Though this pattern is decidedly feminine, stay tuned for free patterns throughout the month, all in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our projects are all pink, but I encourage knitters to make them in multiple colors.

    Thanks again for reading!

  4. I am wondering if there are any crocheters who created a scarf for this cause at CEY.

  5. These patterns happen to be knit patterns, but check out our free crochet patterns on our website at!