Weekend Ravelry Roundup

So many gorgeous CEY projects on Ravelry right now! Here are some of my favorites for this month-a wedding shawl that is both elegant and contemporary, a delicate keyhole neck sweater, a fun and funky kid's cardigan, an absolutely drop-dead cabled sweater knit in a yarn from our Luxury Division (I'd love to get my hands on that!) and a brilliant emerald Hemlock Ring...

Presenting our very first Ravelry Roundup!

Gleek's Muir, knit in Silky Alpaca Lace

Marnie's Bijou, also knit in Silky Alpaca Lace.

Ulli's Ella Funt, knit in Fresco.

Crackyarn's Oscar in Posh.

LindsayKoehler's Hemlock Ring, knit in Waterlily.

Keep up the inspiring work!

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