WIP it! Project Bags from Classic Elite!

These awesome Blossom Project Bags are now available from Classic Elite!

They are made right here in Lowell, Massachusetts and come in a selection of bright coordinating prints. Lucky Heather, our sales manager, had boxes filled with bolts of colorful fabrics in her office all last month. There's only so much fabric we can fit in there, so the prints and patterns are subject to change, but they're all fun and super-colorful!

The round bottom means they stand straight up without flopping over. Perfectly portable, these are just the right size for projects on circular needles or small double-points. A pair of socks perhaps? Maybe a hat or a pair of fingerless gloves?

Did I mention they make great gifts? Try filling them with yarn (or anything else you want, they make excellent reusable gift bags) and gifting them to your crafty friends.

If you don't see these at your local shop, just ask for them!