Cowl Girls Contest Winners!

Wow, do we have a ton of winners today! Thank you to everyone who entered, we love giving things away. Also, thank you to Soho Publishing, who made it possible for us to have 10 additional prizes to give away. It's so interesting to hear from the knitting community, sounds like many of you are already knitting up cowls this holiday season!

Winners, please email me at chelsea at to tell us where to mail your prize.

Without further ado, here are our ten book winners:

1. Rusty B.
My wife and I are both into knitting cowls for men and women and this book would be a great addition to our library. The yarn would be nice too as we live a fair distance from a LYS. I have a cowl idea in my head I can't wait to translate into pattern and knitted format to share!

2. Lisa
This would make a nice Christmas present for me! Love Classic Elite Yarns!

3. CindyT
I've been struggling to knit hats and scarves. I am the only one without a hat or mittens this year! I'd love a cowl for myself and my daughter. Thanks!

4. kanitta
I love this book -- we carry it at the LYS where I work and it constantly sells out! I've been knitting cowls, a pair of socks, a beret, and hopefully a pair of mitts for holiday gifts. Great giveaway!

5. Rebecca P
I'm am trying to finish up a pair of socks for my Mother for a Christmas gift and this has recently taken over all the rest of my knitting. I'm also working on Norah Gaughan's Orange Pop sweater from Twist Collective, knit out of CEY's Princess. I really love this yarn, especially after washing. It is sooo soft yet durable (no pilling yet!). Of course I have several other things on the needles that are background knitting for the winter, depending on time and my preference...

Thanks for the offer!

6. nekkidknitter
I limit my holiday knitting so as not to drive myself off a cliff. But I'm working on a double-knit scarf for my husband, with a Jolly Roger motif to match a hat I made for him a couple years ago. He thinks I'm ignoring it, because he only sees me working on it every now and then. But I'm actually working on it about an hour every night while he's not home. :D Not sure if I'll actually finish it in time for Christmas, as I have knitting ADD and am also actively working on two other projects, but it'll be cold here till at least March and this isn't his main gift.

7. pencraftco
Knitting shawlettes and clapotis for Christmas gifts.

8. Jamie
Those cowls look wonderful! I've been busy knitting hot water bottle covers this year. I'll have to look for that book at my LYS. Thanks

9. Email hidden
making two shawls...

10. prymnumber
Since November I've been knitting small projects for my husband and me. Things like hats and fingerless mitts that keeps us warm and take no time to do. This book would be a perfect addition to my library!

And now for our big winner! The one who takes home not only the book, but the yarn required to make one of four gorgeous Classic Elite cowls...Colleen! She said, "My mom, the knitter, would love a copy of this book. She is a knitter but not an internetter!" Guess what? She can have the book, and you can keep the yarn. Contact me to claim your prize!

Thanks again for entering everyone. Be sure to subscribe by email or RSS feed to keep up with all our news.


  1. I'm so excited to see I won! Thank you so very much for the contest!!!!

  2. I see from the winners responses, that I should have entered...!! Oh,well...Here's the reason I truly would have loved to 'win' this book...the first time I saw it @ B&N, (down the street), my mouth was watering...being the season of spending the budget on giving..I have little left at this time for another (!!) knitting book..
    I am truly glad for all of the winners, have a wonderful, blessed Christmas and Happy knitting New Year...FC

  3. This scarf is made of Noro yarn known by its exquisite color palettes. This simple design is suited for both men and women.

  4. Holy Cow(l)! I won!! Thanks so much!