Year in Review

Happy New Year! In 2010, I fulfilled a longtime dream by joining Classic Elite, and my greatest hope was to reach out and start a conversation with the fabulous knitters and crocheters who use our yarns. I wanted to hear what you had to say, and I wanted to share why I think our work is great. Today, our blog followers number in the hundreds, over 2200 of you are our "fans" on Facebook, and 1126 of you read our tweets. Thank you for listening, and helping me make my dream possible.

That being said, a look back through our 2010 patterns made us think about some of our favorites...

This one is obvious, the "Magic Sweater". So many of you have commented on the Elizabeth cardigan designed by one of my favorite designers, Cecily Glowik Macdonald. It just looks great on everybody!

Liberty Prints, our funky multicolored worsted weight wools, were huge in general in 2010. Everyone seemed to want some, and who can blame them? The color variations are beautiful, and the wool is springy, soft, and machine washable. The Molly scarf really shows off the colors.

This Firefly scarf from Spring 2010 was also a standout--effortlessly chic and cool.

It seems like this silhouette was everywhere this year, open-front sleeveless/short sleeved cardigans to slip over a long sleeve t-shirt, some were open, some suggested an i-cord tie. Haven in Wool Bam Boo is a beautiful cabled version.

Woodland was a huge hit in 2010. A gorgeous yarn in our Verde collection made from wool and nettles, this unusual blend possesses a subtle luster and strong stitch definition, two qualities that really shine in Forest.

Mohair had its moment this Fall! Vogue Knitting even organized a whole contest around it. It seemed like it was everywhere, and La Gran has always been our Grande Dame. Boxcar is one of those cardigans that can take you right into Spring.

We made some changes in our Web Letter this year, and are offering more free patterns than ever before! You had some favorites this year...
This beret knit in Kumara is a great way to sample this luscious camel and wool blend.

Fresco is perfect for colorwork! Clearly, you agree...I wonder how many people unwrapped these mittens this Christmas?

Fingerless mitts were hugely popular-quick and useful knits that keep your hands warm while still allowing you to knit, or crochet, or text...all those activities made difficult by traditional gloves. These are knit in Wool Bam Boo.

Crocheters got some great patterns this year too, this summery bag rolls up and fits perfectly in your handbag or glove compartment. Provence, our mercerized Egyptian cotton yarn, is the best choice for projects that require a strong and beautiful fiber.

Magnolia was one of my personal favorites this year. I made some swatches for the blog. This cozy scarf can go from casual to fancy depending on which color you choose!

VĂ©ronik Avery's Lace Ribbon scarf knit in Alpaca Sox  is the big winner, coming in at 5,314 projects on Ravelry!

What was your favorite project this year?

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  1. Beautifull! I'm hoping to see more beautiful crochet patterns and projects made with Classic Elite Yarns in 2011. That would be a nice resolution :)

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