New Year, New Changes on our Website!

Same company, same beautiful yarns, new online presentation! Anyone who has been on our site in the last few months or so has seen some changes that make it much easier to find our yarns and patterns.

Many of the changes are on our homepage:

  • A "Search" function that enables you to type in just about anything to bring up all the pertinent information--yarn, patterns, booklets, you name it!
  • A featured yarn with a lovely large photo
  • A slideshow of patterns from our current season. Because the slideshow wasn't built using Flash, you can even view it on most mobile devices.
  • Boxes with rotating selections of news and other goings-on here at CEY--magazine patterns, new products, promotions, anything we think you might want to know.

Once you type in your search command (I chose Ariosa), you're taken to a page like this one. The yarn is listed at the top, and patterns underneath. One of your choices is free patterns in that yarn (who doesn't love free patterns?) Next are some booklets with pattern support. Booklets from previous years are not organized by yarn, so this is very helpful when browsing older collections.

Our yarn pages are also different! There is now a beautiful close-up of each yarn with a descriptive paragraph and ballband information listed below. You'll find a list of suggested patterns and booklets here also.

If you remember the old format, our yarn colors were displayed on what are called "sticks", long dowels with a few strands of each color looped around it. We now have each color individually pictured and labelled.

We hope the new look is a little clearer and easier to read! Let us know what you think. Any other changes you'd like to see?

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