New Year's Resolutions

I spent much of this weekend thinking about my knitting New Year's resolutions this year--maybe if I document them here, there's a better chance I'll actually accomplish them. I learned to knit during the summer of 2008 and have made major progress over the last two and a half years, but I'm hungry for more knowledge, more yarn, and more knitting! I would love to hear some of your crafty resolutions too, I'm always looking to add to the list.

1. Learn to knit Continental-style.
There are just
too many patterns that I want to knit in this world. And from what I hear, picking is much faster than throwing. I think I'll start with a felted bag, something where inconsistent tension will have very little bearing on the look of the finished item. I really like Noni's felted bags and flowers, especially her Tulip Tote. Hopefully I'll be carrying that to the office this summer.

2. Attend a big knitting event
This has been on my list
forever. Every year, I think I am definitely going to Rhinebeck this year, or a knitting retreat, or a cruise, or an educational weekend (I was so jealous of everyone who went to Squam. Definitely on the calendar in 2011). This is my year, and I'm starting with Vogue Knitting Live in just a few weeks! I'm taking two classes and am volunteering for the event. That means I'll be registering some of the fine attendees and working the reception, even assembling goodie bags. Will you be there? I would LOVE to say hi to some of our blog readers, so if you see a woman with a name tag that says "Chelsea", say hi!

3. Put all my projects on Ravelry
Well, maybe not all of them. I'm thinking about limiting it to projects that take over 400 yards of yarn. What do you think? I've knit so many sweaters and shawls in the last year, but my Ravelry notebook is so...
meh. This would give me an opportunity to work on my knit photography and a chance to pay it forward--I almost never cast on a project without first looking to Ravelry for inspiration and tips. I owe it to the Ravel-verse to contribute my own.

What are you planning this year?

Image credit Sally M


  1. Continental Style!
    You inspire me!
    I shall resovel along with you to accomplish this daunting feat of knitting wizardry and be free from my feeble throwing limits forever!
    Love CEY! Thanks!

  2. 11 Sweaters in 2011! I've only done a few sweaters in the past, and this seems like the perfect crash course.

    My first is Azami (Twist Collective) in Soft Linen...I'm already three balls in :).