Swatching Kumara

I know Spring is upon us, but I simply cannot resist talking about Kumara. I knit the Canape hat (Rav link), designed by Jared Flood for our Bistro booklet from Fall 2010, and have been wearing it every day since I finished it. Its slouchy shape is so flattering, and its the perfect topper in this winter/spring limbo we're experiencing in the Northeast.

Kumara is a yarn of 85% extrafine merino and 15% camel hair. The merino is dyed before it is plied with the undyed camel hair; the blend makes all the colors look soft and muted with a beautiful halo. If you look really closely at the strands, you'll see that the camel hair stands out as microscopic fuzzy little hairs. It's unbelievably soft and has six plies, making the stitches really pop. Clara Parkes reviewed it in depth in the indispensable Knitter's Review.

So far this year, I've used it twice--once for Idlewood and again for Canape.

Here are some patterns from our Web Letter knit in Kumara. Cast one on now, before its too late! From left to right, Daniel's Scarf, Kumara Diamond Cap, Cowl Hood, and Arm Warmers. Click the picture for the pattern.

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