Monhegan Island: Cricket, Shoreline, Rocky Coast, and Seaside

Monhegan Island is the backdrop for quite a few of our spring booklets, and who could blame us? Monhegan is a tiny island off the coast of Maine whose yearly population rarely exceeds 65 people. It embodies everything I love about the New England coastline, rugged and sparse, with a beauty made all the rarer by a touch of danger. Monhegan is only accessible by boat, and the waters are choppy and unpredictable. Swimming is not advised, as the undertow is strong and the shores are impossible to land on or swim to. Cars and even bikes are not permitted here, and the roads are largely unpaved.

In a sense, our booklets Cricket, Shoreline, Rocky Coast and Seaside are your passports to this remote coastal village. Browse through the photos in our preview below to get a closer look. To view our preview directly and use the "table of contents" on page 2, click here to open the book in a new window.

Monhegan Island


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