May Liberty Print Colors and Patterns!

Happy May! They say April showers bring May flowers; I can't wait to see my garden bloom over the next few weeks. With the new month comes new Liberty Print colors and new free patterns for our Liberty Print Subscribers. Embers & Ash is a combination of grays, blacks and reds with a brown and tan splash, while Majestic Mountains couldn't be a more appropriate name for a colorway that says it all in blues, purples and browns. If you've made any of our free patterns, we encourage you to post your FO's on our Facebook wall!

Crochet Granny Square Baby Blanket

Using printed colors gives a wide range of colors without having to change colors and the solid stripes keep the overall appearance of the blanket from getting too muddy or chaotic.

Liberty Wool by Classic Elite
A: 2 balls – 7854 Lavender
B: 2 balls – 7893 Rainforest
C: 1 ball – 7885 Tangerine
D: 2 balls – 7809 Majestic Mountains
E: 1 ball – 7894 Jade
F: 1 ball 7804 Painted Desert

Easy Striped Hat

An easy-to-knit striped cap in super-soft, washable Liberty Wool. For distinct stripes, choose two printed colorways with no colors in common. Each hat will be unique depending on where in each color sequence the stripes meet.

Liberty Wool by Classic Elite
A – 1 ball 7808 Embers and Ash
B – 1 ball 7806 Reflecting Pool
Note: For sizes S and M, 1 ball each will make 2 hats.

Happy Knitting!

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