TNNA Hooray!

What a weekend. I love reading all the recaps about TNNA, and can sympathize with those who wish they took more pictures!

How it all begins...
As you might have heard, pictures are not exactly allowed on the show floor, so I have few to spare. I can show you our yarn wall though...cue angelic voices...

Expert packing
 Classic Elite is know for the Yarn Wall, and I can see why. Its high drama all the way. Betsy and I thought, way too late, that we should have filmed us putting it up. Next time, right? Thank goodness I had the help of some seasoned sales reps to make me feel necessary, otherwise I would have just floundered in the wake of so much to do. Before you know it, the booth was set up and the new yarns were out. I can't wait to share Fall. Soon, soon...

Friday was a long, dusty, hot day of setup with the craziest thunderstorm EVER that night. The manager of the restaurant we ate at said he had to stuff towels under the door because the rain was blowing in completely horizontally.

Liberty Wool Print Accessories

I was happy to have my Lodi cardigan in Solstice from the Summer issue of KnitScene with me, and everyone loved it. I wish I had finished my Watershed in Woodland though...

Lodi cardigan in front of the yarn wall

Eunny Jang complimented my outfit two days in a row, the Ravelry team is as cute as they come, and retailers and designers from across the world were in our booth. I am constantly wowed by how innovative and energetic LYS owners are, they are truly the front lines of our industry. Nichole Reese of BlueGirlKnits dropped off a Green Point shawl in the color Vivid Fuchsia, which might have just pushed this to the top of my queue. It looks great on Heather, doesn't it?

The LYS promo (remember that?) was a finalist for TNNA's First Annual Business Innovation Award! Though we didn't win, we were completely honored to place and are looking forward to stepping it up next year.

Otherwise, the rumors about the food in Columbus are true. I ate well every night and had ice cream from Jeni's every single day. It was so good, we had to ship some home for the office. Have you had the macaroon ice cream sandwiches? Amazing!

Anyway, it sure is nice to sleep in my own bed and get back to some quiet knitting. Believe it or not, I barely knit a stitch in Columbus, thus ensuring that I did NOT complete my TNNA Watershed. Lessons learned--next year, start early.

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