VKLive L.A. Giveaway

Update: to give readers more time to win, we are enabling commenting on this post until Saturday, July 9th, at noon! Good luck! 

Vogue Knitting Live in New York was a smash! With attendance clocking in at 6,000 enthusiastic knitters, and classes at over 95% sold out, it was the knitting event of the year. Well, until September!

Vogue Knitting is doing it again in L.A. from September 23rd to 25th. With all the to-do about knitting celebrities, this one promises to pack even more excitement. In the words of Trisha Malcolm, Editorial Director of VK, "Expect just as much style, marketplace buzz, and the top names in knitting, but with the added luxury and star power that L.A. brings." For a peek at what VKLive in NY was all about, take a look at this short video with celebrity interviews, marketplace footage, and views from the classes and lectures.

And guess what? You could be there! Vogue Knitting was generous enough to offer two of our lucky readers one marketplace ticket each!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling us what knit-celebrity sighting would leave you starstruck. Don't forget to include your email address or Ravelry name to be considered (though Blogger asks you for it, we don't have access to it. You must put it in the body of your comment). Then Vogue Knitting will enter those two winners into a larger giveaway to win a basketful of VKLive branded goodies! Commenting will be closed at noon on Thursday, July 7th.

Your Marketplace Ticket Includes:
Knit-Couture Fashion Shows
Yarn & Accessory Boutiques
Beginner Bar—Novice Knitters Welcome!
Pro Lab with Knitting Experts
The LIVE Lounge
Celebrity Book Signings
Technique-Driven Demos (FREE)
New & Knitworthy Products
Raffles & Giveaways

(BTW, you have one more day to get early-bird pricing on classes and lectures, so head over to their site today!)

Thank you for the tickets, Vogue Knitting!


  1. Hmmm ... sounds great! I'll try and win a ticket but will try and go regardless. As a knitter and lover of cables, one of two celebrities are on my list of must meets - not just see - Alice Starmore or Elsebeth Lavold. Of course Barbara Walker is right there too, but she doesn't get out that much from what I hear. All three at one place would make my life i think!

  2. I would have to say some of the people that would leave me star struck are:Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Cat Bordi, Ann Budd, Lilly Chin would be the top four that would just put me in awe. Actually just about any of the awesome knitters out there would leave my jaw on the floor. LOL

  3. I would love to meet The Sexy Knitter, Debbie Bliss, and my Ravelry friends. It would be a lot of fun to meet people that I only know through Ravelry.


  4. What a spectacular giveaway! Thanks so much!
    There's tons of knit-celebrity sightings that would leave me starstruck, here they are:

    Susan B Anderson
    Heather Dixon
    Wendy Bernard
    Alana Dakos
    Cat Bordhi
    Wendy Johnson

    I would literally faint if I ever meet any of these lovely ladies!

    Thanks so much for this giveaway!!

    (IknitCupcakes on Ravelry)

  5. I can't wait to see Franklin, Harry and Dolores! Thanks for the chance to win - I'm really looking forward to the marketplace.

  6. I LOVE Susan B Anderson's designs; she would certainly be one of the "Stars" that make me gaga! But I think every one of the teachers (and staff and volunteers) are awesome and deserve praise.

    And thank you the contest! Wish me luck!
    Irene (prymnumber on Rav)

  7. I could not narrow it down to just one person ... Among many others, these three knit-celebrity sightings would leave me starstruck -- Barbara Walker, Shirley Paden, and/or Lily Chin. My e-mail address is g_k_green@hotmail.com, and I'm gkgreen on Ravelry. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  8. I would be all starry eyed over meeting Stephanie Pearl McPhee :) And I would be Over the Moon to go to the Marketplace!

    My ravelry ID is 'caitirin'

  9. Hmmm. Knitting celebrities? Well, Stephanie Pearl McPhee (The Yarn Harlot), Laurie Perry (Crazy Aunt Purl), Wendy Johnson (WendyKnits), Franklin Habit & Meg Swanson would rate right up at the top. As for Hollywood knitting celebrities, I'll take Julia Roberts please. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Email: ginam813@gmail.com
    Ravelry id: ginam813

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  11. I would love to meet Eunny Jang because she can do anything! She is so creative with her patterns too! She has inspired me to try some of the tougher stuff and for a beginner like me, that's a stretch!


  12. I would love to meet Julia Roberts or Meryl Streep!

    (goodstuff on Rav)

  13. I would love to meet Franklin Habit! He inspired me to finally learn how to knit. :)

    (QuixoticKitten on Rav)

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  15. I think any author from my knitting books I would be tickled pink for. Of course I always get shy/star struck whenever I see anyone from Ravelry. (Since I have gone to the Unwind Anniversary and met them)

    Rav id: HSailorMoon

  16. Oh, definitely The Yarn Harlot! I "met" her at a book signing, but was too faklempt to speak!

    Monkeygurl on Raveley

  17. I think I would fall over if I met Wendy Bernard. She's so inspiring! She's created a knitting career for herself out of simply blogging, and her patterns are wonderfully designed. That's a dream of mine to achieve one day.

    stitchstitch on Ravelry