Hello Billerica! Moving, Pt. 2

We're finally settling into our new spot, and everything is falling into place quite nicely. It's strange to move from an historic mill building, which has its pluses (character!) and its minuses (lots and lots of dust!), and into a completely new spot.

No more boxes on the floor!

Yup, all this yarn had to be shelved. There were TONS of it. Literally.

We spent a whole week just unpacking yarn...

TNNA bound in just a few weeks, can you believe Spring yarns are coming soon?

The crane we used to get mill equipment out of the giant doors. 

This crazy thing survived the move. A little bit of an anachronism in our new modern digs.

My favorite part is my outlet, that sits at waist height in my office. Is that weird? I'd show you a picture, but it's really boring.

A much more exciting addition, a forklift!

Anyway, goodbye, Lowell!! It's been grand!

See ya later!


  1. I was about to drive to Lowell this week to get some new yarn( ven though i do not really need more yarn) then I saw that you moved! I am excited to check out the new space- can't wait!

  2. Just had to laugh. Last fall I spent a few days with my best friend in Bedford and stopped in Billerica to buy some lobster, something I don't find here in Portugal. Within a three day period I found a yarn shop in Billerica on someone's website and saw your first moving post, both of which I forwarded to her. She's promised me some serious yarn shopping on my next trip to the states! Are you planning any sort of public outlet? If so, you'll be on the itinerary! Happy Holidays to you all.