Knitting and Yoga Adventures!

I asked CEY Creative Director Susan Mills to share some words about Knitting and Yoga Adventures here on the blog. Read on to hear about her experience!

The Monhegan gang in 2010
I've gone on the week long trip to Monhegan for 6 years. In 2011, Lisa added a long weekend in Vermont and I went and taught the Ariosa Reversible Cabled Cowls, this week's free Web Letter pattern Knitting classes are usually project-based and I try to come up with something new each time (for returning attendees) and structure the classes for all skill levels. 

Lisa Evans, founder of Knitting and Yoga Adventures
The yoga is suitable for all levels – The yoga teacher, Melora, is fantastic and caters to everyone’s level with special emphasis on  shoulders and neck – possible problem areas for knitters. And you can’t forget the massages. Mary Alice gives a wonderful massage – some people go for 2 or 3 massages. The camaraderie on these trips is incredible – women of all ages who all share a passion for knitting. And hiking and yoga. Schedules are very relaxed but there is a ton of stuff to do. 

Monhegan Island, from our Shoreline booklet shoot, 2010

Every trip has a slightly different flavor depending on the combination of participants but there is always a lot of laughing. Monhegan is extra special because it is an incredibly quaint little island, artist colony and fishing village 10 miles out to sea. 

The Vermont countryside
The Vermont trip is great, and may be more accessible, being only 4 days instead of the full week. And you still get to hike, knit, laugh and relax!

Visit the Knitting and Yoga Adventures website to learn more about their upcoming trips, and visit their blog to read more from Lisa and her incredible team. 

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