VKLive New York!

I suppose I'm a little biased, with New York being my hometown and all, but how fabulous is Vogue Knitting Live NYC? We were lucky to be included, and snapped some quick iPhone pictures while we were there.

With two events already under their belts, VK had plenty of practice for this one...and it showed! There were art installations, unique vendors, an amazing class line-up and expert panels. Our very own Betsy Perry was on the "When Knitting Becomes a Career" panel, and was heard saying something we're used to hearing around the office here in Billerica--"On a bad day, I can say 'Well, at least I got to play with yarn today'"

Unique display/storage containers for crafty stuff

White wedding indeed...an art piece made of yarn!

Some cool yarn-focused prints and postcards from Carol E.S. MacDonald

Knitting pottery by Alyssa Ettinger at the gallery
And with a magazine that's world-renowned for its fashion expertise, who could forget the fashion shows! Betsy snapped some photos of garments knit in Classic Elite Yarns from the Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer Issue. For a clearer look, you'll have to wait till springtime!

Seedling at the VK Fashion Show
Twinkle Cruise at the VK Fashion Show
Cotton Bam Boo Crocheted at the VK Fashion Show
For all who missed this one, or for any knitter who hasn't yet experience VKLive, get ready for Vogue Knitting Live Chicago this October! Were you at VKLive this month? If so, head over to our Facebook wall and post some pictures for us...we would love to hear about your experience!


  1. The knitted ceramics listed in this post are by Alyssa Ettinger.

    See: http://www.alyssaettinger.com/alyssa_ettinger_design___home.html

    Just wanted to clarify! All the best ~ Abigail Doan