CEY, Past and Present, with Patternfish

Julia Grunau approached us a few years ago with a simple vision...she wanted to get all the great out-of-print and discontinued patterns into the hands of knitters and crocheters across the world! As a company that has always been known for outstanding pattern support, we had plenty. Boxes and boxes of printed pamphlets to be exact. Julia deserves all the credit in the world for painstakingly scanning, cataloging and writing descriptions for hundreds of our patterns on her site, Patternfish. Visit this link to see all our patterns in chronological order, and check out some gems below.

Some are famous...
Uma, is that you? 
Some are eminently wearable, even today...
Rainy Afternoon, by Norah Gaughan
Some look like a lot of hard work.
At Rest in the Garden, from Kristin Nicholas
 Some are for entire families...

And some are for the quieter members of our families.

Some have incredibly cryptic titles (can't help but wonder if this is a statement about knitting in general!)
Pattern 845, The More You Know, The Less You Understand
Some are really old...
The Elite Sheep Sweater, 1985
While some are completely new.
The Short Row Triangle Scarf in a new color of Liberty Wool Print
When did you start knitting? Have you ever picked up one of these classic patterns? 


  1. I don't know of any company that has a greater trove of 'legacy' patterns-- stretching right into the current season-- by so many illustrious designers. The history of Classic Elite knitting patterns is, to a great degree, the history of handknitting in North America over the last thirty years. All knitters, and Patternfish, are so much the better for it! Congratulations for maintaining such high standards over the years.

  2. I love your older patterns and have been avidly collecting them. I knitted Morn in May a couple of years ago (with a change to the collar to "modernize" it). Lovely pattern.