April Liberty Print Colors are here!

April's two new colors of Liberty Wool, part of our Liberty Wool Subscription Program, have been released and are available at LYS's across the country!

Liberty Print7862
7866-Red Hot Blues7867-Glacier
We also have two exclusive new patterns, available free only with the purchase of yarn from subscribing LYS's for the month of April. Is your LYS a subscriber?

Easy Striped Tam Double Breasted Baby Cardigan

The Easy Striped Tam and the Double Breasted Baby Cardigan will be available for purchase through Patternfish starting on May 1st.

Remember, March's patterns are now available for purchase. Head to Patternfish.com to download the Hooded Scarf or the Easy Moebius Cowl.

Hooded Scarf Easy Moebius Cowl
Happy knitting!

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