Knitting Daily KAL!

We won! Well, kinda.

The Pan-Am Jacket from Interweave Knits Winter 2011 is the newest Knitting Daily KAL! This sweater from Ashley Rao is knit in MountainTop Crestone.

If you're not familiar with the MountainTop Collection, do yourself a favor and pick up a skein. When we first released the original three yarns (Vista, Crestone and Vail), I once even heard a knitter exclaim about Vista that she "never want(ed) to knit with anything else again". I rejoiced because I love a natural yarn: untreated, undyed, sweet-smelling, and hard-wearing, these yarns are right up my alley.

Though the sweater calls for Crestone, one of the beauties of  this yarn and Vista is that they're interchangeable. The only difference is the fiber content.

Crestone is 100% wool, Vista is 50/50 wool and superfine alpaca. Both are spun from undyed fibers, and knit up at 4¾ sts/inch on US 6-7, which is just about close to perfect. They have a limited palette because, well, when's the last time you saw a purple sheep?

If you want to participate, there's still time! Here's the Pan-Am Jacket Knit-Along schedule:
6/15–6/29:  Download the Pan-Am Jacket pattern from the Knitting Daily Shop (or find it in Interweave Knits, Winter 2011), choose yarn, swatch.
6/30–8/25: Knit body.
8/26–9/23: Knit sleeves.
9/2–10-1: Finishing.

To buy either Crestone or Vista, click here to visit, where your order will be dispatched to LYS's near you. They can ship it, or you can pick it up! You can also click the images below.

Let us know in the comments (or on our Facebook page or Twitter feed) if you're participating. Happy knitting!

All photos are by Carmel Zucker.

Color Affection for Me!

Whoever coined the malapropism "Color Affliction" sure had it right. This pattern has swept through our office like wildfire, with somebody casting on every day it seems. First Tonia, who finished hers in a weekend; then Cheryl, the consummate sweater knitter; Betsy couldn't resist it; and finally I broke down (Chelsea). I think Andi just bought the pattern too...

I'm no stranger to Veera Valimaki's patterns. Six out of thirty-one pdf patterns in my Ravelry library are her designs, putting her at a whopping near 20%. I've already made the Line Break shawl twice, am planning a Still Light tunic for this Fall (in Alpaca Sox, once I get over the idea of knitting a tunic for a 6' tall frame on US 1's), and just cast on my very own Color Affection in Silky Alpaca Lace. What do you think of my color choices? (FYI, the green is a new color for Fall 2012. How pretty is it?)

A Ravelry search turns up five projects in MountainTop Vail, four in Alpaca Sox, one in Fresco, and six in Silky Alpaca Lace

I love the idea of knitting this in Fresco. With 47 colorways to choose from, the possibilities are endless...

Or what about MountainTop Vail? A gorgeously drapey blend of alpaca and bamboo spun from undyed fibers, Vail is fingering weight and would make a gorgeous neutral shawl that would feel incredibly luxurious.

Or, try one in laceweight Silky Alpaca Lace! Combine handpainted shades with solids for a fun effect.

I fell in love with Alpaca Sox when I knit the Alpaca Sox Triangle Shawl for our Stitch Red eBook [FREE PATTERN]. Such a relaxed ply, so soft, and in such gorgeous colors. You can choose from Kettle Dyes, Hand Dyes, Solids, or a combination of all three!

Hand Dyes

Kettle Dyes


 Have you tried this pattern yet? Let us know in the comments!

New Yarns for Fall 2012

Susan's inspiration board for Fall 2012. So many luscious new yarns!

By the way, have you sent in your Spring-O board yet? Only a few weeks left to enter for a chance to receive all 130+ new patterns for Fall 2012!

Spring-O Progress Report!

How's your Spring-O board coming along? Remember, there's still time to enter your projects on Ravelry! All you need is one line vertically, horizontally or diagonally on our official Spring-O board, and you can be entered to receive our entire Fall pattern collection! Don't forget to tag your project with the word "Spring-O" so we'll know where to look. Visit for official rules and to download your very own official scorecard.

In the meantime, check out some awesome Spring-O projects from these Ravelers!

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KnitbyHand's Vista Wanderer Cap 
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Vehuddle's Slouchy-Teanie
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Are you participating in Spring-O?