Fall Knitting

Designer Tonia Barry takes a stab at knitting one her own Fall 2012 patterns:

The original Dust of Snow cardigan, in booklet 9205 The Road Not Taken

This year I made a vow to get one piece from our Fall Collection on the needles and completed by the end of September. Every year I have the same plan but always manage to get off track with my daughters' back to school activities. This year I will not get sidetracked! I will be seen at every cross country meet, open house, and homecoming event working on my Dust of Snow.

Here is the beginning of my first sleeve, this was actually my swatch. Yes, I was too lazy to swatch. I figure I already swatched it enough when I designed it.

Dust of Snow in progress - photo take at first cross country meet of the season!

The sweater pattern is written so that the body is worked in one piece to the armholes and then divided for the fronts and back. Because I need this project to be portable I decided to work it in pieces. 

 Cheryl worked a sleeve first.
It's pretty easy to do this because the pattern gives you the number for both the front and back sections. No need to do any math. In my case I wanted a selvedge stitch for seaming so I added one extra stitch on either side of the back and one at the seam edge of each front. When it comes time to bind off for the underarm I will divide the number of stitches to BO by 2 and continue on my merry way, so that I can wear it as soon as the weather gets chilly. (If you are working size XS, S, or L, there is no problem working in pieces. Unfortunately, for sizes M and XL, the seam falls in the center of a large cable - I wouldn't recommend trying to convert the pattern for these sizes.)

 Vista yarn - check; size 7 needle - check; pattern - check:
Betsy is getting ready to cast on!

The original Dust of Snow was knit in Alabaster 6016, and that's the color Cheryl has chosen. I'm knitting mine in Peat 6076, and Betsy is about to start hers in Seal 6077. We'll keep you posted on our progress!

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