We had a dusting of snow overnight. So pretty! (We were lucky that it is just enough to be pretty, but not so much that it is annoying or disruptive.) It made me think about the holidays and how quickly we go from Thanksgiving to Chanukah to Christmas and New Year's. It gets so busy this time of year, but I still want to knit - for myself as well as for others. The cold weather and snow also made me think about decorating the house - I love these stockings using MillaMia's Naturally Soft Merino. Find the patterns - FREE - on the MillaMia website.
MillaMia Stockings - pattern free at
 We're also knitting for charity these days. There are so many people who need help; providing hats, scarves and mittens is just a little something we can do.

What are you knitting for the holidays?

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