One Sweater...Three Ways!

Convertible garments have always intrigued me. I love seeing those hang tags that have illustrations on how to wear a garment more than one way. But more often than not I can never get them to look the way they should (or at least the way they look in the illustration).

The Star Lily top from the Canyon booklet has three ways to wear it (that we know of). We put together a little video on the different ways to style the garment.

What could be better than knitting one garment, and getting three?


Have you knit the Star Lily and found another way of styling it? We would love to see photos! Send them to  


  1. Fascinating! Reminds me of a dress I saw demo'd once - Japanese, I think - and at the time I wanted to know more. Today, I'd like to know where I can find the pattern for this sweater.

  2. I'd love to see back views of this in each of the three versions too! Love it!