A Day at the Farm with Kristin Nicholas

Last week our good friend Kristin Nicholas invited everyone at Classic Elite Yarns out to her farm for a lesson in color work. We all jumped at a chance to go out and see the sheep…I mean her.

Kristin lives with her family on a working farm in Leyden, MA. It was a nice drive out these (especially since I wasn't driving and could knit in the back seat), and even though we were in the middle of a heatwave here in Eastern Massachusetts, it was much cooler in Western Mass.

Leyden Glen Farms had just shorn the yearlings for the first time the day before we arrived, so we were greeted by a big pile of raw wool!

We began the day with Kristin leading a discussion on colors and how they work together. She showed us some artwork by famous artists and explained how they used color to achieve the look they were going for. We then ventured down into what I am dubbing the ‘Color Studio’. Kristin showed us some of her past sweater designs and why they were so successful because of her use of colors.

Kristin had picked some flowers out of her garden to illustrate how many colors there are all around us that we take for granted. She gave us each a flower and we picked yarn to match the colors in the flower. It was amazing how when you truly looked at the flower, instead of just seeing a pink flower on a green stem, you saw many many colors.

After lunch we decided as a group that we wanted Kristin to teach us some embroidery techniques. She taught us how to do chain stitch, lazy daisies, french knots, running stitches and many more. At this point I got too engrossed with what we were doing to take in-progress photos, but I did ask everyone to put their work together at the end for a group shoot.  Here's a sampling of our day’s work:

I love how we were all using the same yarn and techniques, but we each got something different and amazing.

After a hard day’s work of playing with yarn, Kristin gave us a tour of her house and showed us how she used color in her home d├ęcor.


And I couldn't help sneak over to where the sheep and chickens were and snap a few shots.


All and all, it was a great day of fun. Oh, and we may have stopped for ice cream on the way back. Thanks Kristin!

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