Liberty Wool available in Solids!

There are so many awesome things about working for a yarn company. Seeing new patterns before they are introduced, touching yarn any time you want, being surrounded by other yarnies, talking to knitters and LYSs and much more. But the best thing? It has to be seeing the new yarns from the mill. The hardest part of working for a yarn company? Not being able to shout from the rooftop that we have new yarns until they are released.

But today, I have the honor of sharing with you one of our newest family members – Liberty Wool Light Solid.

I was so excited when I found out that we were going to be doing Liberty Wool Light in solid colors. I love using Liberty Wool* - whether the worsted or light version. I love that it's machine washable, which makes it perfect for sweaters, toys, baby clothes, blankets/afghans, socks, hats, scarves…I think you get the idea.

The solid version of Liberty Wool Light is going to be great for all the things listed above. It's available in 18 beautiful colors that work back to the Liberty Wool Light Prints that have been around for awhile. It would also be really great for some Fair Isle projects. Or socks (l <3 making socks, I know it’s not for everyone…but I love it). Or baby sweaters. Or any sweaters for that matter. Or...

I was really excited to get this yarn when it came in, and I begged asked for a few skeins to make a ‘summer shrug’ for myself. I was hoping to share some FO shots with you for this blog post, but my summer shrug, turned into a ¾ sleeve cardigan, and I didn't quite make my own deadline. I hope to have a post with pics and my process next week. But in the meantime I leave you with this picture:

We also have a dedicated booklet for Liberty Wool Light (Spectrum), which features both the print and solid yarn. There are a couple of pullovers, a cardigan and a few scarves in the book. All the patterns are up on Ravelry and available in local yarn shops (we just began sending the booklets out, so if your LYS doesn't have it yet, they will soon).



I can't wait to see all of the wonderful things you guys are going to be making with Liberty Wool Light Solid!

Knit on!

*A while back I asked Betsy, the owner of Classic Elite Yarns, why Liberty Wool got its name. I had visions of it being named that because CEY is based in New England where so many people fought for the freedoms we enjoy. “No,” she explained “it’s because it liberates you from hand washing your sweaters.” I like that.

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