Silky Alpaca Lace Shawls...a Few Favorites

Knitters love shawls. Don’t believe me? Next time you are at a knitting gathering, look around. You are sure to see a sea of shawls (try saying that three times fast).  They are the perfect thing to throw on in the morning, when the weather is a little cool but a jacket would be too much. Or they can add some color and/or textural interest to your outfit without adding too much weight.

Another reason knitters love shawls so much is because they are very flexible. They come in a variety of shapes (rectangle, triangle, crescent or heart-shaped) and sizes (from kerchiefs to extra-large). They can be as simple as garter stitch or as complex as lace on both sides with nupps.

One of my favorite yarns to use to make shawls is Silky Alpaca Lace. The alpaca gives the yarn a soft halo and warmth, while the silk gives it strength and a subtle sheen. Its stitch definition makes it a great choice for lace work and it blocks out beautifully.

I have been admiring the many projects on Ravelry that have been made with Silky Alpaca Lace. There are way too many to choose a favorite, but here are a few that really stood out.

Tammie  from OH made this Rock Island for a wedding she was attending in Italy (okay, right away…I am jealous of her FO and her trip). She was hoping to get some tips from the Italian knitters at the wedding on her lace, but instead only got compliments. I can see why.

She said “After a few repeats, I found the pattern to be a perfect match for the alpaca/silk blend. There is just enough haze to add a bit of romance, but not too much that my daughters will not want to inherit it!”

If for any reason your daughters don’t want it Tammy, I think I can find a few people who would be willing to take it off your hands.

Mary from England got a ball of Silky Alpaca Lace as a gift from a friend and decided to make a shawl for her sister.

She choose the Ethereal pattern. She found that since she only had one ball she could only do 4 repeats of the main lace chart. But I think it is the perfect size. It amazing how far 440 yards of lace weight can go! And she did a magnificent job in blocking out the pattern. Especially those points!

The first time John ever did short rows was on his Feathers Fichus. Short rows can be tricky the first time you attempt them, but he did a beautiful job. I saw on his notes on Ravelry that is for the ‘gift closet.’ I have a feeling there are more stunning shawls in there. Better be careful John, when people see your beautiful lace work, they will be coming out of the woodwork to get on your gift list!

Irina from Portugal made the Echo Flower Shawl in Silky Alpaca Lace. This has long been in my queue, but somehow has not made it onto my needles yet. But I see a correction of that in the near future.

When I asked Irina if there was anything she would like to share about the project, she replied by saying that the yarn was a pleasure!

Gialla’s first shawl was the Mariposa shawl. Can you believe this was her first shawl? And in black lace weight? It is amazing!

She commented that ‘The silky alpaca lace is truly wonderful -- I loved knitting with it, and now I love wrapping it around my shoulders. I think it was a perfect combination with the needle size to produce an open, airy shawl that still brings the design out with impact. Honestly I feel lucky to have experienced this project.’

Mary Ann from CA made this shawl for her sister (another gift - you guys are awesome gift givers). It is the Estonian Garden Scarf/Wrap. Her sister was so appreciative of the gift, she is thinking of making her sister another lace weight shawl.

She mentioned in her project notes that markers helped her keep track of the pattern repeats. This is a great tip for beginning lace knitters as well as the experienced.

These are over 4,400 Silky Alpaca Lace projects listed on Ravelry. Hopefully one of them will inspire you to pick up your lace needles.

Knit on!

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