It’s that time of year…not quite fall, but not quite summer either. It can be cool in the mornings as you leave for work, warm at lunch time and somewhere in between in the evening. How are we supposed to know how to dress?

Personally, I have always been a big fan of layers. You can take them on and off with ease and not feel too silly while draping them over the back of your chair in the office. But you still don’t want to carry a wool cardigan around when all of a sudden it's 80 degrees out. At the same time a cotton layer doesn’t quite cut it either.

The book Perpetual Favorites: Year Round offers some solutions to these quandaries. It features six pieces that are great for layering and can be comfortably worn from early spring (when you need a layer, but are itching to wear short sleeves) into late fall (when you can bring out the heavy sweaters).


These pieces are all designed with year-round yarns in mind. Soft Linen is a favorite of everyone who works at CEY. Made from Linen, Wool and Baby Alpaca, this yarn works equally well for lace, colorwork and textures and is perfect for warmer days and cool nights. Another yarn that is featured in the book is Chesapeake. Part of the Verde Collection of environmentally conscious yarns, it is a wonderful combination of fibers in a yarn that takes you through all seasons. The blend of cool, crisp, organic cotton combined with extra soft Merino wool makes this a great yarn for year-round garments. 

Now is the perfect time to cast on one of these sweaters. The yarn won’t be too hot in your hands as you knit and you will still get some wear out of them this season.

Don’t forget…you can always take them with you on your next trip to a warm climate in the middle of winter!

Knit on!

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