Holiday Knits

This time of year is about when I begin to panic as a knitter. I am coasting along, working on all 8 of my current projects – for once knitting for me – when all of a sudden I start spotting Halloween stuff in the stores. Everyone knows that Halloween is the unofficial start of the holiday season. If the jack-o-lanterns are coming out, it won't be long until the turkeys start to appear. And right after the turkeys are ‘the holidays.’ There is also something about this time of year that the hands of the clock seem to move faster and faster... which means I am already running out of knitting time.

If you have even had a passing thought about knitting or crocheting something for a loved one for the holidays this year, I implore you to come up with a plan NOW. I say this for your own good. We partake in the fiber arts because it is fun and relaxing. There is nothing fun and relaxing about staying up until the wee hours before the day you open presents, wired with caffeine and weaving in ends.

I also encourage you to think small. Yep, you read that right. Think small. Sure you would love to knit a sweater for everyone in your family, but (if you are like me) with 2 parents, 4 siblings (1 brother and 3 step-siblings) and countless nieces and nephews…it just isn't going to happen. But hats...hats you can do.

One of my favorite books from this season is..well…Favorite Hats. It has 9 patterns and features several different yarns. The projects in the book range from a simple man’s cap with stripes to a cabled hat with a big pompom to a slouchy sparkly hat. You are sure to find something for everyone on your list.


Hats are great, most people wear one in the winter, but if you want to make something on a slightly larger scale there is Favorite Scarves & Wraps. This book features eight patterns that range from a simple lace scarf to a bulky wrap (again with pompoms!).


Now is the time to make your list of who is getting what and start planning. And don't forget to make at least one extra to wrap for those ‘Oh…I didn't know we were exchanges gifts’ moments that we all have!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. Hard to believe it already October!