Christmas is coming...

The other day I was driving home and I saw the weirdest block ever. One house still had their Halloween decorations out in their yard and a few doors down, someone had put up their Christmas lights. In fact I have been seeing lots of holiday decorations popping up in stores for quite some time now. And I even heard a Christmas song on the radio (ok folks…I can sorta understand the decorations, but it is waaayyyyy too early for music).

But it did get me thinking about Christmas stockings. If you don’t already have a stocking (or two or three) ready to put up by the fireplace, now might be a good time to think about casting on for one (or four or five).

These stockings by MillaMia using the Naturally Soft Merino are perfect for the traditional knitter. They use classic motifs in traditional holiday colors. There are three different patterns, so you have a few options to hang by the fireplace. And there are different techniques used – a simple stripe for the beginner knitter, a cable for the advanced beginner and a Fair Isle for the intermediate knitter. These are available as kits, each of which includes the pattern and enough yarn to make one stocking. Ask your LYS if they have them or order them here.

But if you like a little more color in your holidays, you might consider these kits. Featuring two different designs by Kristin Nicholas, there is enough Color by Kristin yarn in these kits to make both stockings. I really love these stockings – they remind me of something I would see at Anthropologie or in the Sundance catalog – but these are so much better, because you can customize them to make them uniquely yours!

Kristin also has a new pattern out for stockings using her Color by Kristin yarn. You can purchase a PDF of the pattern on her website. These are so much fun, and definitely perfect for those who love lots of color!

Do you have some hand knit holiday stockings? Please share your pictures with us on Facebook, Ravelry or Pinterest!

Knit on!

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