Lucretia Shawls

I have a dirty little secret…I have more shawls than I know what to do with. Yet I still want to make more. Ok, maybe that isn’t much of a secret between knitters. In fact, it is possible that you suffer from the same condition.

I go through phases of different shapes. It all started with rectangles as scarfs and grew into triangle shawls from the center point out. But lately it has been all about the crescent shaped shawls for me. I don’t really wear my shawls as shawls, but more like oversized scarves. I feel like the crescent shaped ones are easier to wear that way. They are big enough to wrap around your neck, but not so big they overpower you. Or you can throw them over your shoulders. There are lots of different options!

The Lucretia pattern from out Portraits book is a great little crescent shawl. Meg Myers wanted to create a pretty little shawl that had a lot of different options. She used a combination of stripes and a simple lace pattern that most of you are familiar with (feather and fan) to make a border on a stockinette shawl using short rows for shaping.

She also made three different versions of the shawl, by simply changing the yarn. In one version she uses Fresco - a wool, alpaca and angora blend that has a beautiful halo and amazing drape.

Another version of the shawl was make using Soft Linen – a wool, alpaca and linen blend that is a little heavier, but just as drapey when worked at a larger gauge (as this shawl is).

And the last version is worked in Liberty Wool Light Solid – a lightweight washable wool (just recently introduced in solid colors).

Any of the three yarn choices would make an amazing shawl, and with all the different color combos, there are endless possibilities. Here are just a few ideas.

Soft Linen, from left to right: 2281 New Fern, 2203 Dove Gray & 2206 Thistle;
2203 Dove Gray, 2247 Deep Cornflower & 2258 Turk Red and 2248 Blue Grotto, 2281 New Fern & 2292 Lupine

Fresco, from left to right: 5315 Pea Pod, 5380 Moss & 5390 Passion Fruit;
5318 Bittersweet, 5317 Sangria & 5322 Port Royal and 5375 Gray Stone 5371 Max Factor Pink and 5397 Fern

Another great option would be to work the Liberty Wool Light version with one of the prints on the feather and fan section and a solid for the stockinette part.

Liberty Wool Light Solid & Print, from left to right: 6615 Bright Olive & 6620 Faded Brocade,
6679 Midnight Blue & 6623 Deep Tropical Sea and 6695 Aubergine & Violet Glen 
The shawl is fun and fast, so you can make a ton of them. They would make great gifts for almost anyone in your life. Make a bunch and stash them away for those moments when you need a thoughtful gift at the last minute. Or make a few for those select people in your life who will cherish a hand knit gift with the love and care it deserves.

Knit on!

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