Colorwork Baby Pullover

I usually don't write about our free weekly web patterns. But this week I just HAD  to make an exception.

This week’s pattern, Colorwork Baby Pullover, is probably one of the most precious baby things I have ever seen. Now read that again carefully. Not one of the most precious knitted baby things I have ever seen, but THE  most precious baby thing I have ever seen.

In case you couldn't tell…I love this sweater. I love everything about it. I love that it is made from Canyon and Cerro. I love the color palette Susan (our Design Director) chose. I love the little button placket. I love the simple, yet elegant Fair Isle pattern she chose. I love the construction (bottom up in the round). Just…well, perfect.

The sweater calls for 2 colors of MountainTop Canyon and 4 colors of its dyed counterpart Cerro. This is a great yarn to make baby things out of. It’s cotton with a hint of alpaca, which gives the plied yarn a soft hand and a touch of warmth and elegance. Plus it is machine washable. An extra bonus for any new mom (I barely have time to do any laundry, yet alone hand wash things…and I don't have kids. So I can only imagine how difficult it would be for a new mom).

The color palette that was used for the photo sample is a gorgeous gender neutral combination, which is perfect for a first born child – so that the sweater can be handed down to future siblings or maybe even cousins. Or for those parents who want to be surprised at the sex of the child. But since Cerro comes in 12 amazing colors, you can customize the palette with more pinks or blues to accommodate the gender of the child.

From left to right: The original colorway featuring Cerro 7157 Sky Blue, Cerro 7188 Coral, Canyon 3716 Milkweed,
Cerro 7115 Bud Green, Canyon 3703 Mesquite & Cerro 7154 Orchid; Boy version: Cerro 7178 Earth,
Canyon 3716 Milkweed, Cerro 7131 Periwinkle, Canyon 3703 Mesquite, Cerro 7115 Bud Green & Cerro 7147 Denim;
Girl version: Cerro 7150 Golden Honey, Canyon 3716 Milkweed, Cerro 7154 Orchid, Canyon 3703 Mesquite, Cerro 7115 Bud Green & Cerro 7156 Pink Violet

The body of the sweater is knit in the round in one piece up to the armholes.  Then the sleeves are knit flat and joined at the yoke. The balance of the sweater is knit from there. This is great for those of us who…let’s just say, aren't fans of finishing. It also makes working the Fair Isle a little easier. There is some Fair Isle knit in flat rows after dividing for the placket, but not a whole lot (and by then you have your Fair Isle mojo going).

All and all this is one of those sweaters that you will want to make and just have on hand for the next person who tells you that they are having a baby. It is sure to become an instant heirloom. It is THAT good.

Knit on!                   

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