MillaMia Cushion Covers

There are some things that just make a house (or an apartment) feel like a home – an oversized afghan to keep you warm, pictures of loved ones and lots and lots of throw pillows.

I love the collection of pillow covers that MillaMia has done in their Naturally Soft Merino. There are a bunch of different styles to choose from. Whether you have a modern Swedish décor, a traditional sensibility or a funky bohemian vibe going on, there is sure to be a pattern to fit your style.

If you have a winter lodge feeling in your home, with a fireplace and cozy chairs (which I would NOT AT ALL be jealous of), then you might consider the Elk Cushion. Made using the Fair Isle technique and 2 colors of the Naturally Soft Merino, this cover is an updated version of classic Swedish motifs.

Love the look of Fair Isle, but need a little more color in your room? Then maybe the Dalarna Cushion is the right choice. This pattern also uses traditional motifs and the Fair Isle method, but with 4 colors to add a pop of color and make it a little more modern.

If your home is a little more traditional and you want something a little more classic and time honored, the Mossa Cushion would be a great choice. It features a center cable flanked by ribs and another cable and would complement many different décor styles. I can also see a bunch of these in different colors to brighten up a room.

Are you one of those people who feel that there is no such thing as too much color or texture? The Tivoli Cushion uses 4 colors of the Naturally Soft Merino, but as many of know…that is just a suggestion. You could use as many as you want. Or knit a couple of them using different color combinations that work back to one another.

I think the thing I love most about these patterns are that they are covers for pillows AND made from yarn that is machine washable. Life can be messy, no matter how careful you are. And when it is, you can take the covers off and throw them in the washing machine.

Another bonus? You can easily change your décor! Make some in fall colors and some in spring. The covers are small, easy to store, and can really update your home in a matter of minutes!

All these patterns (plus a few more) are available on Ravelry. Check your LYS to see if they stock the Naturally SoftMerino and cast on right away!

Knit on!


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