A Lost Mitten...a Liberty Wool Mystery and Give-away

Cheryl, who works in our outlet store, made herself a pair of the Mitered Mittens in Liberty Wool (using color 7834 Lilac Daydream…since I know you are going to ask) in January.

She really loved making them. They are knit flat and then sewn together, which was perfect for Cheryl, because she hates knitting in the round on small circumferences. This is also a great pattern for someone making their first pair of mittens. It only takes 2 balls of Liberty Wool Print, so they go really quickly too.

Since then she has lost one. (Everyone make a frowny face!) She is SURE she lost it in the parking lot at Classic Elite Yarns during one of our many snow storms this season. She has a theory that somewhere in the piles of snow that the plow guy has made is her poor single mitten. She refuses to make another one…that is how sure she is that she will find the lost mitten. I keep telling her that the chances of her finding the single mitten are slim to none. And that even if she does find it, there is a good chance it will have been damaged by the plow.

What do you think? Will Cheryl find her mitten? Or should she just accept it as a loss and make another one?

Help Cheryl decide and win 2 balls of Liberty Wool Print a copy of the Mitered Mittens pattern...whether for this winter still, or for next year!

Voting is now closed!

Vote now! Please make your selection no later than Tuesday April 1 at 5 PM Eastern Time! Winner will be randomly drawn.

Knit on!

P.S. I told Cheryl take NEXT time she should make an i-cord to go through her jacket to connect the mittens,  kinda like we had as little kids. That way she can’t lose just one!


  1. I am having an issue with the pattern and I could use some assistance. Could someone email me at muminred@gmail.com so that I can ask?

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