Homestead Cardigans

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. And perhaps it is for this reason that it seems too short to me. I look forward to the croci that will soon be popping out of the ground and the sweet smell of lilac, longer days and warmer temperatures. But most of all, after a long winter (and we all know how long this winter has been), I look forward to shedding my layers. No more tights, heavy socks and sweaters, but instead lightweight garments that drape and flow.

No matter the season…I am a cardigan girl. Always have, always will be (in fact I am wearing a cardigan as I type this). They are a great way to add a layer of warm (if needed), add a pop of color, or change an outfit entirely. There are three great cardigans to choose from in our latest book, Homestead.

The first is Cassidy by Deborah Helmke. This is such a great layering piece. Knit in Soft Linen, it is the perfect blend of fibers for a spring cardigan…it will keep you warm on those cooler days, but will still be cool enough to wear into the air conditioned days that are soon to follow. The lace detail on the fronts and sleeves of this cardigan are simple to work, but not too boring either. The scoop neck is such a flattering line on many women and the ¾ sleeves are perfect for a spring cardigan.


The second cardigan is Maisie by Tonia Barry. I love the vintage vibe that this cardigan has going on. It’s like the piece that you are always searching for in your favorite vintage store, but can never seem to find. Since you can never seem to find it, why not knit one for yourself?

Knit in Classic Silk the lace motifs on the fronts remind me of the spring flowers that will soon be pushing up out of the ground. It has waist shaping, long set-in sleeves and a classic crew neck. Button it up over your favorite dress or wear open over a tee. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

The last cardigan in the book is the one you will be reaching for over and over and over again.

Cheyenne is a simple open front cardigan in Meadowlark (our newest yarn), also designed by Tonia Barry. Knit in one piece to the armholes it is a fast knit, with little finishing. The mostly stockinette piece showcases the tweedy texture of the yarn, while the knit below rib gives it an added bit of interest and just the right amount of finishing. Fair warning – Meadowlark is in short supply for a little while. When you find it, scoop it up before someone else gets it first!

Now the biggest question (for me at least), is which of these cardigans am I going to knit first?

Knit on.

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  1. Lovely and elegant...these are colors I wear on a regular basis as well...and red is fantastic...