Dropped Stitches, Part Two: Garter Stitch

Hopefully you have read part one of this series Dropped Stitches, Part One: Stockinette Stitch and understand the basic concept of picking up stitches.  So let’s move on to Garter Stitch, shall we?

It’s kind of ironic that the easiest stitch in knit is Garter Stitch, yet it is a little bit more difficult to figure out how to pick up your dropped stitches.

The first step is the same when you find a dropped stitch in your garter stitch. DON’T PANIC! I can’t stress that enough. Go ahead…take a few deep breaths! That’s in… breath iiiinnnnnn annnnnnd ooouuuuttttt. In and out.

Feel better? Good.

The second thing you need to do is figure out from which side of the work you need to pick up your dropped stitch. If you look closely at the stitch, you will see it either has a v shape or a bump shape. In our case it has a v shape.

 For this example we will want to make sure the bar from the dropped stitch is in the front of the work.

Insert a crochet hook (the same size as your knitting needle or smaller) from back to front and catch the bar that is in front of your work.

To pick up the next bar, you can leave the hook in your work and pull up on the next stitch (which is now behind you work) just like you did with the stockinette stitch.

Now you will want to start the whole process over again (including taking some deep breathes). So take your hook out of the work and position it from back to front and pull up on the bar in front of your work.

Keep alternating front to back, until all of your stitches are picked up and you can put your ‘live’ stitch back on the left hand needle.

Sometimes I get confused as to which way I should be picking up the stitches in garter. The good thing about this process is that if I do it backwards, I can just drop that same stitch down again and start over.

Here is a video tutorial from Webs on how to pick up Garter stitch…in case this didn’t make sense to you.

The most important part of this process is to not panic. If you are still having difficulties with this technique, most LYSs are willing to help you with quick fixes. Plus I am sure they are always happy to see your WIPs…dropped stitches and all!

Knit on!

P.S. I know a few of you would ask about the yarn. This sample is in one of our most beloved yarns – SoftLinen in 2258 Turk Red.

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