Just Another Day at the Beach

Last week I told you about a few of the garments in our A Day At The Beach book and today I wanted to share the balance with you.

All the sweaters in this blog post are made from one of our most popular yarns – Liberty Wool. Liberty Wool comes in both print and solid. After being beautiful and soft, the next best thing about Liberty Wool is that it is machine washable (as Cheryl can tell you about the Liberty Wool mitten she lost and then found in a melted snow pile). It is a hard working yarn that can makes stunning stockinette, lovely lace and charming cables.

James is sized in both adult and child…so you can make one for every member of your family.


Tonia Barry came up with a new twist on color blocking using 2 colors of Liberty Wool Print. Using the intarsia method, the front and back of these sweaters are made of large panels of color.

There are tons of different combinations on this sweater to make it uniquely yours. You could knit it using 2 different colors of Liberty Wool Print as shown, or chose one print and one solid, or maybe 2 solid colors.

Another sweater with the possibilities of customization is the Stripey sweater by Susan Mills.

This simple sweater is anything but basic with 4 different versions in the pattern 
·         Wide stripe on body and sleeves
·         Wide stripe on body and narrows stripes on sleeves
·         Narrow stripes on body and sleeves
·         Narrow stripes on body and wide stripes on sleeves

I think this just might be the perfect child’s sweater - a classic style knit in a work horse yarn. I can see of being passed down from sibling to sibling and from cousin to cousin (and maybe even a few times around the neighborhood). 

Just like the James, Stripey has a ton of different possibilities! Liberty Wool comes in 36 solids…which alone makes for a ton of different combinations. But if you want to add in one of the 46 print color ways…well, I can’t even do that math!

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Knit on.

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  1. love the towels; where's the pattern?