Mother's Day

Yikes…Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday in the US. But don’t despair…it’s not too late to give the woman who helped shaped you into the person you are today a gift of fiber goodness!

There are a couple of paths you can take. The first one is the obvious one…you can make her something. Now I know a bunch of you are already starting to sweat and think about the lack of sleep you will be getting this week. But I have given this advice before and I’ll say it again…think small.

Remember when you were in the first grade and you made your mom a macaroni necklace and she told you how much she loved it? I am sure that she really did. Not so much because she had been dreaming of sporting macaroni necklace around town, but because you made it for her and you made it with love.

The same is true here…but perhaps on a slightly more upscale level. Why not a nice spring hat? Or a bag that will make her the envy of the farmer’s market? Or a new hand towel for the guest bathroom?

Our web letter patterns are chock full of great quick projects.

My next suggestion is a spin-off of my first one. I have been known to do this on occasion…and I think it is perfectly acceptable. If you want to make your mother (or any other mother type figure in your life) a gift, but know it is not possible for you to finish the project in time, you can give her a picture of what the FO will be and a sampling of the yarn you are making it in. I have even wrapped a sock and a half and given it to the intended recipient and then asked for it back to finish it.

The next suggestion is for those of you whose love of fiber comes from you mother. What does any knitter or crocheter dream of? More yarn of course!

Maybe she has had her eye on some special yarn or project that she just couldn’t justify. Or she told you about a new project that she wanted to make, but hasn’t had the time to go out and get the supplies yet.

Want to get her something fiber related, but not sure what? Many LYSs offer gift certificates. Ask yours (or hers) if they offer gift cards. Most will be willing to send it directly to your mother, if she lives in a different area of the country than you do.

Whatever you decide to do for your mom (or grandma, our aunt, or any other special person)…don’t forget to call her on Sunday.

Knit on. 

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  1. I am just pleased that I understood every word of it! Loved the bit about distortion of a perceived situation.....that's a trick our memory plays on us sometimes! :-)