Alpaca Sox – Not Just for Socks

I love Alpaca Sox. Now I know you have heard me say that about almost all of CEY yarns. But it’s especially true in this case. Of course I am a sock knitter, so I have a special place in my heart for sock yarns. But Alpaca Sox is so much more than just a sock yarn. It makes amazing shawls and scarves, great trans-seasonal garments, lightweight blankets that are sure to become heirlooms (or hold it double to make a thicker, warmer blanket) and awesome hats. Can you tell how much I love it?  Here are a few examples of some of the Alpaca Sox projects in our newest book – All Seasons.

Paramount, designed by Tian Foley, is a beautiful top down pullover.

This is a great trans-seasonal piece. You can wear it now as is. And then layer it over a long sleeve tee when the weather turns cooler (I know…it’s hard to imagine that right now, but it will be here before we know it).

One of the things I love most about this piece is the shaping. Instead of doing traditional waist shaping, Tian placed a cable and rib section around the waist to pull in the top. Not only does it give a nice shape, it gives it some added interest – both visually and in the knitting.

She then did a mini version of the motif on the sleeves to tie it all together.

I personally am a big fan of top-down sweaters. I love that you can put your knitting on some waste yarn and try it on as you go. This ensures that you will have a perfect fit when you are done with your sweater and that the cable and rib detail will hit you in the right spot.

An added bonus to top-down sweaters? Minimal finishing! Usually there are a few stitches under the arm to sew together and weave in your ends and that is it!

Something else that I love – directional knitting. It takes knitting to a whole different level. And that is exactly what Susan Mills did with Catawampus.

Susan took the garter stitch scarf to a whole new level, by turning sideways, then sideways again, and then sideways once more!

The kettle dyed effect of the AlpacaSox and the striping of different colors really shows off the multi-direction knitting on this scarf. And the fact that she has you picking up stitches and knitting in different directions means…minimal finishing!

Of course these are just a couple of examples of how to use Alpaca Sox to make something other than socks. Here are a few more from past seasons:

Clockwise from top left: Madame X, Astrid, Gabrielle, Wasabi Hat and Sky Chief

What have you knit in Alpaca Sox that isn’t socks?

Knit on!

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