Designer Spotlight - Tabetha Hedrick

TabethaHedrick  is a freelance knitwear designer and writer raising a family in Colorado, and lives by the belief that joy comes when fully participating in the present moment. She is a long time contributor to the Classic Elite Yarns line, as well as Vogue Knitting, Creative Knitting, Knit Simple, Interweave and Knitscene. Tabetha’s indie patterns and portfolio, blog, and teaching schedule can be found on her website,

Her patterns never disappoint. They are always beautiful, classic and feminine. Today she is going to tell us about her newest design for CEY – Vixen Charm.

Vixen Charm

Of all the designs I worked on this year, Vixen Charm is easily one of my favorites! The simple, sophisticated lace, charming bell-shaped cuffs, and deliciously soft yarn make it a fabulous addition to summer and fall wardrobes.

Soft Linen is such an amazing yarn. While it doesn't have a significant amount of elasticity, the gentle twist, drape, and memory make it ideal for lace. Stitch patterns, enhanced by the gentle shadow of the plies, display themselves with a beautiful clarity (as you can see in Vixen Charm's leaf lace pattern), but it is the soft crispness that will delight you the most, I think.

 I'm frequently inspired by the lace patterns I run across in my research and they then guide me to the perfect silhouette. I love things that are feminine, especially when I can utilize them year round. I'm pretty sure Vixen Charm offers both of those aspects. Grin.


You can easily doll it up over a cute summer dress or wear it casually with a tank and jeans. The lace looks complex, but it is, for sure, crazy easy. Here are some tips to make the whole experience perfect:

Tip 1: Experiment with your needle tips and lean towards a soft-pointed tip, like Addi's Lace Turbos. You don't want something super sharp, because you can easily split your yarn, but you need enough sharpness to work the k3togs easily.

Tip 2: Use this chance to practice new bind off techniques! I'm pretty loose when I bind off in ribbing, but I know many knitters struggle with this. For a collar that wears easily around the body, try playing with something like the Elastic Bind Off. Here's how to work it --

Step 1: Work your first two stitches as normal.
Step 2: Slip each of those first two stitches back over to the left-hand needle.
Step 3: Knit those two stitches together though the back loop (you now have 1 stitch on the right-hand needle).
Step 4: Work the next stitch on the left-hand needle as normal (you now have 2 stitches on the right-hand needle).
Repeat Steps 2 through 4 all the way to the end. Your results will be nice and stretchy, while ensuring a good, clean edge. You can see a photo tutorial that I did for the Creative Knitting Online Newsletter here.

 These tips plus Classic Elite Yarn's awesome yarn promise that you will be super happy with your Vixen Charm project. Happy Knitting!

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From left to right: Fana, Butterfly and Adele.

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