Don’t Forget Dad

You know how when you were a little kid and you made something for your dad in art class (like an ash tray – even though he didn’t smoke), but he still proudly put it on his desk? Yeah…that was an awesome feeling.

Dads (and granddads and uncles and brothers) love getting handmade gifts. I know this to be true from my own personal experiences. And nothing warms their hearts (or hands, heads, feet or torsos) more than hand knit gifts.

Father’s Day falls early this year – June 15th (mainly because the month of June started on a Sunday, and the holiday is always celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of the month), but it’s never too late to get that feeling back.

Does the man in your life wear a tie to work? There are a plethora of patterns on Ravelry, many of them free, for neck ties and bow ties. I would love to see some in Liberty Wool Light. That way the yarn can make some handsome pattern while you quickly knit or crochet this up, and it’s machine washable!

Maybe your guy isn’t the tie type. Now I know this thought will be difficult to think about, considering that the weather is finally acting seasonally appropriate, but how about a hat? I don’t care how many hats you have, you always need more. This is true for men and women. Unfortunately hats are easy to lose, no matter how careful you are. Not to mention it’s good to have spares hanging around (in case he needs to walk the dog late at night and left his hat in the car or at the office; or maybe he loaned his to a buddy whose ears were cold because he has doesn’t have awesome knitter/crocheter in his life; I see lots of scenarios here). Bonus points – hats go quickly!

My step dad once said to me “Hand knit socks mean love.” He got it. I think that was the nicest thing he ever said to me. He is sock worthy. One of the nice things about making socks for guys is that typically they don’t like all those fancy patterns. Pick a plain stockinette or rib sock pattern and some manly colored sock yarn and cast on. I know the timeline could be tight on this. But you can do it.

Now some of you will want to show your father figure how much you love him by making him a sweater. I can almost hear your mind turning from here. “There is no way I can make a sweater in just over a week.” And you know what…you are probably right. However, there is no shame in wrapping up a picture of the sweater you are making him along with a swatch and tell him that you are still working on it. He doesn’t need to know that you just started. The best part it will be like you are giving it to him twice…now and when the sweater is finished (hopefully that will coordinate with the fall/winter season.)

There are some dads who like to be in the kitchen. And for them there are a lot of choices. Dish clothes, kitchen towels, hot pads, etc. Again Ravelry is a great source for (often free) patterns. We have lots of yarns that would make awesome kitchen things – like Seeding or Sprout. Both are machine washable cotton and come in a bunch of colors.

Whatever you decide, I know he will love it…because you made it for him.

Knit on!

P.S. Don’t feel bad if your timeline is too tight for a handmade gift; just don’t forget to send him a card.


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