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Earlier in the week I told you about our newest yarn, Villa, and how awesome it is. I am really excited to share some of the amazing projects in our newest book, AllSeasons, that are knit from Villa.

Enswathe by Susan Mills is a lace triangle shawl knit from the center out and down. It features two distinctly different lace patterns that are separated by a garter section and has a gentle scalloped hem.

One of the things I love about triangle shawls is that they are more flexible than you think. You can wear them draped over your shoulders (as shown in the picture above), but you can also scrunch it around your neck and wear it like a scarf. I strongly believe in having a light weight shawl with me wherever I go in the summer – as you never know when you are going to be stuck in an overly air conditioned place. They also take less yardage than a traditional rectangle shawl…which means they work up faster.

Cowls have grown in popularity over the past few years and don’t show any signs of slowing down. That was a bag part of Tonia Barry’s design inspiration for Dancette.

Tonia combined her love of cowls with the chevron trend that also seems to be here to stay. But she took it one step further by making half of the double loop cowl in the chevron stitch and the other half in a traditional wide stripe.

This is genius…and I will tell you why. It gives the wearer more flexibility on how to wear the cowl. If you want the chevron to be the focus, you can wear that in front. But if you are in a stripy mood one day, you can adjust it so only the stripes show. Or you can wear it like our model in the first picture did, with both the chevron and stripe showing.

Knit in one color of Villa and one color of Vail, there are lots of color combinations.

Fingering yarn isn’t just for shawls and cowls though. You can also make garments from it. That’s what TianFoley did with Fortune.

I love this little top. A deep v-neck is flattering on most people and the ribbing at the empire line is a great optical illusion for those of us who are not lucky enough to have a true waist.

This is a perfect example of a trans-seasonal knit. You can knit it now, wear it in the late summer on its own, and then wear it in the fall as a layering piece underneath a jacket.

Tonia Barry also designed Beauteous in Villa.

This drapy, cropped top with kimono sleeves and lace accents is another great year round knit. Wear it now with a tank top underneath and later in the fall and winter with a long sleeve shirt or turtleneck.

All these garments (and more!) can be found in our All Seasons book, which can be found in your LYS or as a download on Ravelry.

Still looking for some inspiration on what to knit in Villa? Check out some of the FOs in Vail (Villa’s undyed cousin) on Ravelry.

Knit on!

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