WIP Wednesday…In the Beginning

What is the one question that one knitter asks another knitter on a regular basis? “What’s on your needles?” And the knitters who work in a yarn store or for a yarn company get asked that question at least twice as often. Trust me…I know.

With that in mind, I am starting a new series today called WIP Wednesdays. Every Wednesday I will tell you a little about something that is on the needles of an employee at Classic Elite Yarns. Most of us here at CEY are knitters (and we have a few who also dabble in crochet), so you will get to see a variety of projects. I may occasionally throw in a FO or two and there may be times when I can’t really show you the whole piece someone is working on (as it is a photo sample or a design that is yet to be released), but we might talk about the stitch or yarn.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Today’s WIP belongs to Cheryl. Yep - the same Cheryl who lost (and then later found) her Mitered Mittens this winter.  She also recently had her first design (Bias Table Mat) published in our weekly Web Letter (I personally couldn’t be more proud).

Cheryl is working on a Kali tank top by Sarah Alderson from the Knitty, Spring + Summer 2014 issue.   

She is using 3 colors of Firefly– 7774 Parakeet and 7734 Vivid Violet as the main colors and 7732 Venice as an accent. Cheryl LOVES Firefly. It is by far one of her favorite yarns. If you already checked out her Web Letter pattern, you will notice that she used Firefly and Bella Lino in her design. And it is not uncommon to see her around the office in a Firefly tank or cardigan during the warmer months.

Not a fan of traditional color work, Cheryl has recently embraced slip stitching. She really loves the way you get the look and feel of color work, while only working with one color at a time. This is her third slip stitch project this year!

Cheryl is by far our fastest knitter, so this tank should be done in no time. I’ll be sure to post a FO picture when it is.

What’s on your needles?

Knit on.

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  1. Awesome, I love it, mainly the second choice of colours... I'm not a fan of classical colour work, either... but this one looks great. Maybe I'll have time to knit one for Autumn... anyways, I couldn't wear it now here in Spain ;)
    Ah! On my needles there's a denim colour simple skirt, with jeans details, I've almost finished it :)