Without further ado…

There isn’t a doubt in our minds that you love our Vail yarn. It has been one of our most popular yarns since the day it was introduced. I mean, how could you NOT love it? It is a beautiful fingering weight alpaca/ bamboo mix that drapes beautifully and has a stunning luster to it. THIS is what people are talking about when they say that alpaca is the poor man’s cashmere.

Vail is part of our MountianTop Collection, which is comprised of undyed fibers. For many of you that is awesome, while others have been longing for more.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Villa…Vail’s dyed cousin.

Isn’t it lovely? There are 8 beautiful colors to choose from. The next one is just as beautiful (or even more so) than the one before it.

Now, I can hear a few of you saying…“I don’t know, it’s June and it’s alpaca.”  Please let me assure that while this is a warm and wonder fiber…it is also the perfect yarn for summer knitting. Because it is a fingering weight, it will glide through your hands without getting too warm. I see lots of summer tees, shawls and lightweight cardigans created from Villa. And you won’t have to pack those FOs away once fall descends upon us, they will make great layering pieces.

I know I have quite a few things in my virtual queue for Villa…the Flair Shawl, Colette, a ColorAffection, a Featherweight Cardigan, Dahlia Cardigan (I have a cardigan problem) and so much more! It will also make awesome mitts, hats, lightweight sweaters, scarfs, shawls…you name it, it will be beautiful in Villa. I can't wait to show you some of the designs in the newest book later in the week.

OMG…I need to learn to knit in my sleep…or teach the cat to knit…or something.

Villa will be arriving in LYSs this week, so give yours a call to see if they have it in yet!

Knit on!

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