Mohawk Wool Socks

Last week I told you about our awesome new yarn, Mohawk Wool. I started to tell you how much I love this yarn…it’s sourced and spun in the U.S.A., made from undyed fibers, and the perfect (IMHO) weight…but honestly it would take about 100 pages of a book to delve into the depths of my love for Mohawk Wool and I know you don’t have time to read that.

This blend of Merino, Romney and Nylon is the perfect yarn for making socks. Now, I know not everyone is a sock knitter…some people have trouble with such small needles or knitting in a small circumference (no matter the technique) and some people just don’t like handknit socks (gasp…that hurt, just typing that). But knitting a pair of socks out of Mohawk Wool might just change the minds of these knitters.

We have 3 beautiful sock patterns in Every Day Knits made from Mohawk Wool…each with its own unique flair that highlights the beauty of the yarn.

The first pattern is for anklet socks from Jill Wright.

The Delbarton socks are a traditional top down pattern with a lace and texture stitch on the cuff.  The pattern is lovely, while remaining easy to memorize. These would look awesome with a pair of converse or really any other shoes. And if you like your socks a little longer there is plenty of yardage on a skein of Mohawk Wool to make a traditional mid-calf length; just knit more before starting your heel flap.

When Tian Foley starting thinking about socks from Mohawk Wool, she immediately thought of knee high socks and the Kenova socks were born.

She also knew that she wanted to use a cable and rib pattern that would really pop. She alternated the rib stitch with a cable to ensure that the socks would have enough stretch to fit over the calves of the wearer.  

These socks look great with boots and a skirt as shown, but would also look great with a pair of Mary Janes or even as an extra layer of warmth under pants/jeans in the winter.

Our last pair of socks from MohawkWool are the Bayard socks, designed by yours truly.

I have had this sock pattern in my head for years and as soon as I saw the Mohawk Wool, I knew I had to make them.  I fell in love with the stitch pattern many moons ago, and while I knew I could just do the cuff of the sock in the pattern and the balance in stockinette stitch, I really wanted to use the lace and cable pattern on the whole sock.  Although the stitching looks complicated, I promise it is very intuitive.

If you are a sock knitter, or even just thinking of making your first pair, you will want to stay tuned this week. Our WIP Wednesday is a sock and we will have some tips for you on Friday.

Knit on.

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