WIP Wednesday – Kayleen Pullover

One of the nice (many) things about working for a yarn company is that we get advance copies of the knitting magazines we run ads in. Now, before you get too jealous, we only get them a few weeks before they hit the newsstand (I know that isn’t much consolation and that you are probably a shade of green right now).

Not too long ago we got our advance copy of Interweave Knits Summer 2014. It quickly got passed around the lunch table while we all chatted about what we wanted to make and how we all wish we could either knit faster or knit in our sleep, while counting our WIPs out loud (though I know I have a few I haven’t admitted to everyone yet – there are just soooo many).

It didn’t take long before the Kayleen Pullover by Cassie Castello on the cover caught Betsy’s (CEY President) eye. It’s a great summer time piece – simple with just the right amount of detail on the neck.

The conversation quickly turned to what yarn she was going to use. At 4 stitches to an inch she had a few options –Seedling, Mesa, CottonTail. Betsy decided on Classic Silk, she hadn’t worked with it in a while and it was due to be on her needles. She jumped up from the table to see what colors we had in stock and ended up picking 6946 Stream, which is going to look really nice on her.

Because the piece is Stockinette stitch and worked in the round from the bottom up, it’s been a great travel piece for her (it’s actually Stockinette stitch on the back, and reverse St st on the front). You know – something she didn’t have to totally focus on, but it was still knitting and keeping her hands busy.

Betsy is almost finished with the neckline and really enjoyed working the cables.

Up next…the sleeves. She is planning on modifying the pattern to make a traditional sleeve, without the notch.

It won’t be long before we will be seeing her sporting the top around the office.

Knit on!

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