WIP Wednesday…Magnolia Shrug

I have a problem. It’s a good problem to have, but it’s a problem nonetheless. I like to cast on for new things…before I finish what I am working on. Some of you may know this condition as ‘startitis.’

I recently fell victim to this condition, even though I have something time-sensitive on my needles. But…you know…

I have always loved the Tallulah Shrug by Courtney Kelley in the November Knits book and have recently developed a love for our Magnolia yarn. It didn't take long for me to realize that the two would go together really well!

I happened to be walking though the warehouse looking for something else, when I looked to my right and saw a bag of Magnolia (5415 Pale Teal) that was whispering to me – ‘Pssstt Claudine….over here. I would be the perfect color for a shrug.’ I tried to ignore it, but the voice grew stronger. And before I even knew what was happening I had a bag of the yarn in my hands and was thinking about what size needle I would need.

The gauge on Magnolia is a little smaller than the recommended yarn, but it is a fairly easy pattern and futzing with the numbers didn’t take too long. (Remember when you were in high school and said you didn’t need to take algebra, because you would never use it in real life? Somewhere in the Midwest, my high school algebra teacher is jumping for joy!)

I would say I am about half way done with the body of the garment and am planning to work exclusively on this until it is finished (let’s see how long that lasts), as it’s going to be a great transition piece. I have a few dresses and tops that will look great under it and I can wear it into late fall and then bring it back out in the early spring. In fact, I haven’t even finished this one yet, but am thinking about making one in another color and switching up the lace pattern.

Do you have something you love so much that you have knit it twice?

Knit on.


  1. What a beautiful pattern and yarn! A perfect match.

  2. Yes! I have made a pattern from Ravelry called The Hitchhiker. I made one and loved it, so I'm now working on the second one.